Topict Education is shaped by a team of professionals that come from forefront of educational technology, creating methodologies and unique solutions for enhancing the professional development of teachers in ICT leadership and developing innovative schools.

Our vision

Work for our company be more accessible to all of educational professionals and continuously strengthen the research and development of solutions and methodologies that can contribute to the training and teaching and learning, with real benefits for recovery.

Our mission

  • Developing actions that democratizes access to education and recognize the importance of Long Life Learning.
  • Developing solutions that overcome geographical difficulties in relation to access knowledge and use of information and communications technology (ICT).
  • Create innovative methodologies for the training of education professionals to use ICT in the school environment.
  • Support the development of a media culture conscious and safe.
  • Foster collaboration, creativity and innovation of teachers and students.
  • Developing solutions that contribute to the adoption of sustainable practices and promote climate preservation.