Online courses in ICT competencies

Continuing Education, Training or professional development as it is sometimes called, allows you to sharpen your edge in today’s competitive environment.

In the education of 21st century, any innovative teacher needs at least draw diagrams, show pictures, animate some objects to explain critical concepts, even play some vídeo clipping of real time operation. All these multimedia applications can assure very productive, interesting, motivating, interactive and quality delivery of classroom instructions. Thus, multimedia and ICT play the role of catalyst for such educational reforms. To ensure this path, Topict Education delivers a high-quality online training courses designed to increase the teachers knowledge and their skills in ICT.

Topict´s training courses are flexible in-service training concept, comprises content, method, technology and processes. All the course interactions occur online at the LMS (Learning Management System) with tutoring in asynchronous communication. After finishing each unity of the course, you will be able to implement immediately in your classes and see the results of your new learning.

The ICT Competencies course comprises into a total of 08 modules spread over two training units. After completing each training unit the teachers received a Pedagogical ICT Certificate which allows them to prove their competency to pedagogy-technology integration.

The ICT Competencies course for teachers is the right course, whether you are a teacher or if you are a beginner to take some time with new technologies. See how easy it is to access the courses of interest.

More information about both two units program of the ICT Competencies courses just click on images bellow.

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