Training online for educators

In the 21st century, teachers and students are web users. They daily access digital platforms supported by sophisticated technologies to interact and building their knowledges. These Technologies also impact on literacy instruction in classrooms.

Indeed, when teachers give more emphasis of ICT infusion in pedagogy, they can improve learning and engage learners, promote collaboration and create a new learner centered learning culture. However, mere learning ICT skills is not suffice, but using ICT to improve the teaching and learning is the key for pedagogy-technology integration. But the question is how we can combine these two.

Additionally, one of the most innovative and promising outcomes of the relationship between teachers and students is e-Learning and online education, notably a process whereby teachers and students are linked up in an electronic media/computer network. Considering these two scenarios, Topict Education developed training programs in e-Learning with a highly qualified staff to improve innovation into learning environment.

Differential training

The training methodology used by Topict Education is in accordance with the framework of Unesco for teacher training in ICT competencies. Our teacher professional development program provides pedagogical support and following assistance:

  • Tutoring at asynchronous communication through LMS of Topict Education.
  • Expert Tutors provide support and keep you on target.
  • Digital learning materials to support ideas of how to teach, on ICT and with ICT.
  • Accessing the course through any electronic device.
  • Peer learning that enhances sharing knowledge.

Training benefits

  • Self-confidence in the pedagogical use of ICT (Information, Communication and Technology).
  • Skills to innovate new learning methods.
  • Developing digital contents and digital tools for learning.
  • Improving teaching and collaboration in the Web 2.0.