LMS for Training

The Topict LMS (Learning Management System) was designed based on methodology to stimulate innovation in the teaching and learning process. The LMS environment provides a friendly interface and no requires special download. The learners can access the internet anytime and anywhere with user´s login and password provided by Topict Education.

The Topict LMS supports thousands of simultaneous accesses and was also designed as a space to interaction, collaboration, exchange and provides easy access to digital materials of the course. Our LMS provides management reports for formative assessment to the Course Provider and Tutors.

Pedagogical contents

As we all do not learn the same way, it has influenced the digital material provided on LMS for course learners. Thus, They can review the digital content at your own pace and match the local curriculum.

Animated infographics

Infographics created to facilitate understanding of the subjects covered in the training modules course. As examples used in contemporary journalism, through computer graphics can easily assimilate and understand the most complex problems through the text.


They help learners with free software and subjects presented into the learning modules. The tutorials were designed didactically to help teachers create lessons based on the themes proposed from learning modules.

Digital library

Digital Library (Virtual Library) in LMS provides to e-learners the directions in accessing and using electronic resources and rescue them from information overload.